Where dark performance art cranes its beautiful, lovely neck…

at Oakland Metro Operahouse

Time: 7:30pm     Day: Saturday     Ages: 18+ Ages    
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Oh rose, thou art SiCk
Produced by: Ariellah Darker Still Productions

ShadowDance is a place where the shadows meet and come to play and entertain…

Join us for an evening of elegant disarray, dark fairytales, and some not too fairytale like at all…featuring some of the best performance artists, musicians and DJs from the Bay Area and around the world!

Saturday November 11, 2017

7:30 p.m. Doors

8:30 p.m. Performance Art

Oakland Metro Operahouse – 522 – 2nd Street, Oakland, CA 94607

Wheelchair accessible – 21& Over

Tickets: $25 Advance - $35-$100 VIP Seating - $30 Door

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After 10 continuous years of sold out shows, ShadowDance is vamping up to bring you another voluminous evening filled with dance and performance art. Produced by Ariellah and Darker Still Productions, this year’s “ShadowDance” features a full night of performance art and music. This Saturday night dark arts show will bring you a feast of performers, including circus arts, performance art, ritual, belly dancers, opera singers, puppet shows, musicians, aerial performance, and much more! Throughout the evening dark music will be broadcast by two of the bay area’s leading “dark and alternative” DJs for those who desire to move on the dance floor.


Sha Sha Higby:

“Exoskeletons,” they appear to be more intricate than lace, or more fragile than a thread of a spiders silk in sunlight, whimsical as the ornaments in music boxes and fancy clocks: Bolinas artist Sha Sha Higby sculptures are complex and layered, informed by her experiences in Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, and India. Yet more than mere visual delights, these sculptures are made to move with her living body as the driving force. Meticulously crafted over the course of years, her sculptural costumes use paper, wood, leaves, silk, lacquer, ceramics, and gold leaf to make creatures somewhere between the natural and the divine. In a Paper Wing, Higby combines visual art with puppetry, and dance to present and ephemeral but the experience timeless, Watch to see patience rewarded.” Irene Hsiao of Sf. Weekly

Sha Sha Higby received a BS in art from Skidmore College and spent five years in Indonesia under aFulbright Scholarship. She also studied for a year in Japan, and six months in India under an Indo-American Fellowship. She has received numerous awards and grants, including a NEA Fellowship in solo theater and grants from the Zellerbach Family Fund and from The Japan Foundation for collaborative artistic work.

She has performed internationally at the Festival Internazional delle Marionnnette; Divaldo Korzo in Slovakia; the Festival of Sydney in Australia; Singapore Festival of the Arts; Hong Kong Fringe Festival; Tokyo National College Of Art; the Tokyo Textile Institute: Puppet Theater Festival; and the Stara Zagora in Bulgaria. In addition; she has exhibited her work at the Portland Art Museum; Arizona State University; San Francisco Folk and Craft Art Museum in San Francisco; Honolulu Academy of Arts; University of Massachusetts at Amherst; Columbia College Inter-Arts Program in New York; San Francisco Asian Art Museum; The Glass Museum in Tacoma, Washington; and Baltimore College of Art.


MONASTIC is a ritualistic performance art from San Francisco's Darkwave artist Anthony Jones. Inspired by the sights and sounds of various spiritual traditions, MONASTIC is an experience that features ethereal vocals, thematic costumes, and sacramental interactions. Though the project was placed to rest in 2014, MONASTIC will be resurrected for a special performance at this year's ShadowDance.

DJ Melting Girl:

Music should make you feel joy, passion or sorrow. With every song she spins DJ Meting Girl looks for the emotion in the song, the power in the lyrics and the way that perfect beat can make you dance every time you hear it. She has been a part of the San Francisco goth/industrial club scene for over 20 years. She is a resident DJ at Death Guild, the longest running weekly gothic/industrial club in the United States. In addition to her residency at Death Guild she is also the co-founder of Dark Shadows which brings San Francisco a dark place to gather and celebrate the gothic/industrial culture through music, dance, decor and aesthetic. Dark Shadows is a monthly club night which focuses one room on Gothic music and one room on Industrial music. Everything DJ Melting Girl does is a reflection of the dark and spooky lifestyle she has loved since she was a child.

Ariellah and Deshret Dance Company:

Ariellah is an international fusion dancer, performer and instructor with much passion in her heart for life, for music, for love…
She has an extensive dance background that includes strict classical ballet training for 12 years with the Royal Academy of Dance from London. She has studied and performed belly dance since 2001, commencing her training with Janine Ryle of Danse Mahgreb and as a founding member of The Indigo with Rachel Brice. In 2009, Ariellah began training in classical Indian Odissi dance, studying in India at the Shakti School of Dance and currently continues her studies of this dance form yearly with Colleena Shakti. Ariellah's style infuses many genres of dance, all with a modern dark flavour that is uniquely her own. Her dance manifests what is deep in her heart and expresses her own experience and perceptions of this wondrous and tragic thing called life. Deshret Dance Company was founded in early 2007 by Ariellah, the company’s artistic director and main choreographer. Deshret’s current collaborating dancers are: Danielle White, Amina Zareh, Laura Krumland, and Allison Grace-Lewis. Each of the dancers contribute their individuality and strength to the dance company. DDC applies pressure to the boundaries of Middle Eastern dance and attempts to bring a more theatrical, artistic side to this ancient, highly skilled, art form. Deshret keeps its roots grounded in the traditional technique and movements of Middle Eastern and Tribal Fusion dance and then morphs them into something new and different. Wandering between darkness and light…

Shadow Circus Creature Theatre:

Combining folklore, mythology, Lovecraftian monsters and pop-culture parody, Shadow Circus Creature Theatre has been one of San Francisco’s most popular and outrageous puppetry troupes since its formation in 2000. Using life-sized latex and foam creatures Shadow Circus creates a world that is utterly fantastic, and yet hilariously similar to our own.

The troupe was created by puppet-maker and ventriloquist Dave Haaz-Baroque, working with a variety of other puppeteers, actors, variety performers and musicians. Their short puppet film "Dude, Where's My Shard" was awarded an honorable mention from the Jim Henson company. Currently they are working on a family show called 'Wednesday's Wonderium', starring Wednesday Mourning from the Science Channel's 'Oddities: San Francisco."

To learn more about Dave Haaz-Baroque and the Shadow Circus Creature Theatre, please visit their Patreon at

And MANY more dark performance artists! See our performer page to learn more about the participating artists:

Full Performer Line up:
Sha Sha Higby
Amy Unmata Sigil
Unmata (
Deshret Dance Company(
Ego Umbra (
DJ Melting Girl
Vector Vervain(Jay Lieber)
Shadow Circus Creature Theatre (
Edenia Archuleta
DJ Keyz(
Jenny Atomik
Tatseena Raqs
MC Loren the Black(Loren Muzzy)

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